Friendly staff, prices better than online, great place to order motorcycle tires.

Southern Peligro

5 stars doesn't really do NRC justice! It's been some time since last visiting the dealership. However, my boys and I made the trip down recently to pick up some oil and parts. I had forgot what a welcoming place this is. I have purchased many bikes for our MX race program from Larry and…

Terry Barnhart

Great shop and great staff. As long as I have or know someone that rides a Kawasaki, this ia where I'll send them. The staff is very knowledgable and experienced. I would recommend NRC to any Kawi owner

Cameron Willms

Small place big service have brought my motorcycle for service there since I bought it 3yrs ago and order parts or accessories from there. Virgil (service repair) and the parts staff are amazing

T Bennett

There are bike or automotive dealerships out there then there's NRC. Even though I was not able to purchase a motorbike at this time due to financial reasons, Larry treated me like a person and not like rubish or a dust in the wind. Larry was meticolous and dispensed advice to my specific situation left…

Cest Valencia

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