NRC Engine Covers

Niagara Race Crafters Inc. (NRC) is the World's LARGEST manufacturer of heavy-duty sport bike engine covers. With more than 32 years experience, NRC chose to cast covers. Here are a few reasons why:
NRC covers are stronger!
Manufactured under stringent ISO quality assurance standards, cast alloy grain follows each cover's particular shape, aiding to its strength through profile design and are thicker than stock covers. "Billet" covers have a linear grain only which results in finished product reduced strength and less resistance to cracking.
NRC covers are lighter than billet covers!
Due to each NRC cover's unique three dimensional shape, billet covers often weigh more due to their boxier, straight wall finish, typical of 3 axis rapid CNC machining.
NRC covers cost less!
Cast covers are less expensive to mass produce and yield minimal scrap after machining. Billet covers require an enormous amount of time to machine and the majority of the material goes to scrap. When you consider it takes an 8" x 8" x 3" piece of billet stock, weighing approximately 19 lbs., to produce a typical generator cover weighing about 2 lbs., 17 lbs. of billet material and the much longer time it took to CNC machine, goes to scrap. This wasted material cost and extra CNC time result in a more expensive billet cover.
The "OFFICIAL NRC ENGINE COVER ON-LINE STORE" is located at:, our e-commerce site. There you'll easily and quickly identify the covers you'll need, along with detailed photos and Racer's pricing.